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Newton’s Third Law of Motion In Practice!

The third law of Newton has caught up with both President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair sooner than any one ever dreamt.   Both are proving Newton's Third Law of Motion:  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This law is exemplified by what happens if one steps off a boat onto the bank of a lake. As he moves in the direction of the shore, the boat tends to move in the opposite direction. 


The attack against Iraq, a member country of United Nations, was both illegal and illegitimate.  UK and US short-circuited the Security Council when they found there was no majority support for their resolution. What both did was to knowingly jettison international laws and conventions and devalue the very institution responsible for the maintenance of world order and peace. Under the UN charter only the Security Council could authorise the use of force against a member country.


In order to justify the attack on Iraq, Bush and Blair lied through their teeth. “Sadam Hussein is an evil and he poses a direct threat to the national security of America,” thundered Bush. “Sadam Hussein possesses atomic, biological and chemical   weapons of mass destruction. He can deploy those weapons within 45 minutes” cried   Blair.


Bush and Blair also sheepishly claimed the war was not a war of aggression but a war to liberate the Iraqis from the iron dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. “There will be spontaneous uprising, especially the majority Shias in southern Iraq, against Sadam Hussein as soon as the first wave of coalition forces land in Iraq,” they said. They were  proved wrong!


This talk about “liberating people” is a familiar subterfuge of every invader to justify naked invasions thoughout history.


President Chandrika Kumaratunga said this from every rooftop in 1995 “The attack on Jaffna is to liberate the Thamils from the clutches of the Tigers. The Thamil people are appealing to me to save them from Tigers.”  This of course was a total lie.  


In Iraq everything has now gone wrong.  Newton’s third law is proving right.   Both Bush and Blair have been caught red handed with their pants down. Both are in deep trouble not because of Iraqis, but because of their own lawmakers.


"This may be the first time in recent history that a president knowingly misled the American people during the State of Union address, either President Bush knowingly used false information in his State of the Union address or senior administration officials allowed the use of that information. This was not a mistake. It was no oversight and it was no error,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said.


In his State of the Union address, Bush said, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."  This allegation has also been proved false.


The documents supporting such assertion were found to be forgeries.  An administration official said Tuesday the president would not have included the information in his State of the Union speech if his advisers had known it was false.


The pressure on the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to explain his Government's actions in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq has increased after he was closely questioned by senior MPs, a day after the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee concluded that the jury was "still out'' on intelligence claims about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction — the main justification for attacking Iraq.


After the lapse of more than 3 months no evidence have been found about WMD, although Blair has the temerity still to brag  “ I have absolutely no doubt at all that we will find evidence of weapons of mass destruction programmes.'' He insists that the intelligence that his Government had at the time was accurate! 


Though Bush announced on May 1 the combat war in Iraq is over, the real (guerilla) war appears to be gaining momentum now. There are daily attacks against American and British occupation forces in Baghdad and northwest Iraq, stronghold of Sunni Muslims. So far 29 US soldiers and 6 British troops have been killed.  Hundreds have been wounded. The frequency and severity of the attacks are  on the increase as days roll by.

Insensitive, trigger happy, heavy-handed tactics in house-to-house search operations, including the use of dogs, has inflamed sentiments among Iraqi Muslims. They justifiably consider them as an insult to their dignity as a proud and civilized people.  


To make matters worse for the occupiers of Iraq, the purported voice of Sadam Hussein said  “I appeal to you, O Iraqis, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, Shia or Sunni, Christians or Muslims, it is your duty to expel the aggressor invaders from our country,'' on the broadcast by Lebanon's Al Hayat-LBC.


U.S Army sergeant on duty at a police station in Baghdad told journalists, "We have no business being here."  He said life is miserable, hot meals, air-conditioning and decent bathrooms are not available and that it is difficult to keep morale high: "We need to get out of here."  His counterpart in the Iraqi police considers the Americans arrogant and attributes their loss of public trust to this arrogance.


The days when one country can attack another country and occupy it forcefully without any consequences has gone.  There is no force on earth, not even super-powers, which can conquer the spirit of freedom and dignity of people however weak numerically they may be. Modern weapons can kill people, but they cannot kill the spirit of freedom. 


America learned it at tremendous cost in South Vietnam. Russia learnt it the hard way in Afghanistan. Israel learnt it during two years of intifada in Palestine.  Now India in Kashmir, Indonesia in Ache and Russia in Chechnya are learning it at terrific cost in terms of manpower and money. Very soon America and Britain will learn it in Iraq. 


The world will be better and safer place to live if people are allowed the freedom to decide their own political destiny. The Iraqis, Kashmiris, Chechnyans, Tibetans. Aches, Kurdish and Thamils should be allowed to decide their own political destiny.   It is terrorism for states to suppress freedom struggles by use of military force. It is not terrorism to resist occupation by foreign armed forces. It is their birthright and  Newton’s third law in practice. (WorldMirror editorial-July 09,2003)