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104 Hymus Street
Ontario. M1L 2C9


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November 20, 2005




Press Release 




We note with amusement Canadian Foreign Ministry’s press release dated November 18 welcoming the successful conclusion of Sri Lanka Presidential election the previous day.

It has now become fashionable for all and sundry to indulge in LTTE bashing and the Foreign Ministry seems to be no exception. Evidently, the Ministry is ill-informed about facts relating to the presidential elections.

Contrary to Ministry’s assertions, the LTTE did not call for a boycott of the elections. The call to boycott the elections came from civic and students’ organization in the Northeast. All what the LTTE said was that they are dis-interested in the elections, but the people if they so wish, are free to vote for any candidate of their choice. Evidently, the decision of the LTTE was based on historical experience how voting for one Sinhala president in preference to another has not brought any change in the lives of ordinary Thamil people. On the contrary, the military and political oppression of the Thamil people increased many-fold under successive Sinhala presidents who wielded executive power.

The claim that “the use of violence and intimidation to prevent the participation of Sri Lankans, particularly Tamils and Muslims, in areas controlled by the LTTE.” is palpably false.

In the first place there are NO MUSLIMS living in areas controlled by the LTTE. Therefore, the question of preventing Muslims from voting did not arise! As for Thamils, they kept away from voting on their own volition.  Several factors operated against Thamils who wish to exercise their franchise. One major factor was they were faced with only a Hobson’s choice. The ruling party candidate vowed –

(1) To uphold the current UNITARY constitution which entrenches majoritarian rule of   Sinhala-Buddhists over Thamils;

(2)    To reject LTTE‘s demand for AUTONOMY, HOMELAND, RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION AND FEDERALISM as a solution to resolve the National question;

(3)    To REWRITE the 2002 ceasefire agreement (CFA) signed with the LTTE claiming, albeit falsely, it gave too many concessions to the LTTE;

(4)    To ditch   P-TOMS (Tsunami aid deal) signed between Chandrika Kumaratunga and the LTTE to distribute international aid  worth 3.5 billion to tsunami victims claiming it infringed the sovereignty of the country; and

(5)    To BOOT Norwegian facilitation and its role as peace broker accusing the Norwegians of favoring the LTTE!

The other opposition candidate pledged to enlarge and modernize the army, build the largest Buddhist dagoba in the world etc. Of course he stood for devolution of power, but short of mentioning the word federalism and without spelling out the parameters;  

There were other contributory factors that prevented the Thamils from voting. Firstly, the long distance they have to trek, in some cases over 50 km, to the polling booths.  A request by LTTE to construct polling booths inside their territory to facilitate voting was turned down by the Commissioner of Elections. Secondly the ban on carrying bags and body search of Thamil voters by armed Sinhala military soldiers in uniform before entering government held areas scared the voters away.

Contrary to the view held by most local and international poll monitors that the people in the Northeast were not allowed to vote freely, the Association of Asian Election Authorities (AAEA) who were in Sri Lanka from November 10 to 20 addressing a press conference in Colombo said “people were free to exercise their franchise and the results reflected the people’s will. The people in the un-cleared areas should have exercised their right to vote without any fear when they had been given the opportunity to do so. “

“If people did not vote fearing that on their way they would be attacked by some elements, can you blame either the government or the LTTE for that?” asked the Pilipino polls observer Benjamin Abalos.

Therefore, the Ministry’s statement accusing the LTTE violence and intimidation is factually flawed, grotesque and biased. It merely echoed what other interested parties said without verifying facts. .

We hope in future the Foreign Ministry will do enough home work before rushing to issue half-baked and inaccurate press releases related to affairs pertaining to Sri Lankan affairs, especially Thamil affairs.








November 17, 2005




Hon. Bob Rae,
Ex-Chair and President of Forum of Federations
Richard Naiberg - Goodmans LLP
2400-250 Yonge St
Toronto, ON. M5B 2M6


Sri Lankan Urged to Export Peace


Dear Sir,


We are more than amused to read the news in today’s Toronto Star that you  are “ to be    honoured for efforts to halt long time civil war” in Sri Lanka.  To our thinking this is like putting the cart before the horse, especially in the backdrop of the just concluded presidential elections in Sri Lanka.


Despite your best efforts to sell “federalism” Mr. Rajapakse’s electoral victory in alliances with the hard-lined extreme Sinhalese-Buddhist parties Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) signals the imminent REVERSAL OF THE FEDERALIST PATH set, however reluctantly, by the outgoing President Chandrika Kumaratunga. According to the pacts signed   between


Mahinda Rajapakse with the JVP and the JHU.  Mahinda Rajapakse has vowed –


(1)    To  preserve the current UNITARY constitution which entrenches majoritarian  rule  of   Sinhala-Buddhists over  Thamils;


(2)    To reject LTTE‘s demand for AUTONOMY, HOMELAND, RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION AND FEDERALISM  as a solution to resolve the National question;


(3)    To REVIEW the 2002 ceasefire agreement (CFA)with the rebels;


(4)    To  ditch   P-TOMS (Tsunami aid deal)  signed between  Chandrika  Kumaratunga and the LTTE to distribute international aid to tsunami victims; and


(5)    To BOOT Norwegian facilitation and its role as peace broker.


Each one of the above taken singularly and collectively is a lethal cock-tail for national disaster!


In the circumstances it will be ironical for you “to be honoured for efforts to halt long time civil war!”  at a time when war clouds are gathering over Northeast!  More over it is very simplistic to imagine that peace could be achieved by a few expatriate Thamils and Sinhalese hosting a gala event. The members of the Canada - Sri Lanka Business Council have nothing in common except their business interests! 


If anyone is to be honoured for halting the blood-bath and bring a glitter of hope for peace then it is the Norwegians who deserves that honour not your good-self. Your mission was a total failure as the presidential election results reveal.


We don’t want to stand in your way, but only wish   to caution you that it might tarnish your image and diminish your standing among Thamil Canadians and also nationally and internationally.    







Thamil Creative Writers Association 


cc. Honorable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, Legislative Building
            Queen's Park, Toronto. ON M7A 1A1

      Prof. David Cameron, University of Toronto.
      George Anderson, President and CEO of Forum of Federations.    









August 11, 2005




Dear Sutha,


Enclosed please find cheque No. 001 for Cdn. $ 10,000 drawn on TD Bank, 3477, Sheppard Ave East, Scarborough to be credited to -


 Mrs. Yogaranjani Sivaram‘s   Savings A/c No. 0030-646102-101 with 


Seylan Bank, Galle Road, Mt.Lavinia.  Mrs. Sivaram’s Tel. No. is  011 94 -11- 276 1387.


Head Office Address

Seylan Bank Ltd.

Ceylinco - Seylan Towers, 90, Galle Road,

Colombo 3,

Sri Lanka.



+94-11- 4701000

+94-11- 2456789



+94-11- 2456456


Yours affectionately







Tamil Creative Writers Association






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August 24, 2005



 Press Release

 JVP fans the flames of war and racism in Canada

 It is reported that members of the Janatha Vimukti Perumuna (JVP) Canada  Branch will stage a protest demonstration on 27th August, against "LTTE
 terrorism in Sri Lanka and to condemn their killing spree and to caution the Sri Lanka government against the duplicity of the Tamil rebel outfit."

JVP being both a Sinhala racist and fascist party had conveniently ignored the killings of scores of un-armed LTTE cadres and Thamil civilians by the
SLA and para Thamil military groups in areas controlled by the Sinhala  armed forces.


JVP as a party is  against the peace process, international  mediation and deliberately  pushing the country for a  resumption of war.  

On July 5, 2004 Lt.Col. Senathirajah head of the LTTE's political division  for Batticaloa was shot and wounded by gunmen suspected to be associates
of renegade  'Karuna' harboured by the SLA  at Arasady Junction , Batticaloa in close proximity  to a SL military camp.  in Batticaloa. He succumbed to his injuries on July 13, 2004.

 On August 10, 2004 Ramesh and Susiventhan, riding a motor cycle, unarmed  and proceeding towards Thambiluvil from the Political Office in Pavadda
 for political work, were shot dead. A blue van reportedly driven by a  person clad in police uniform with one more police uniformed individual
 and another six in civilian dress, has approached the LTTE members and  firing took  place from within the van.

 On August 20, 2004 Vasu Bawa, a senior political cadre and the former  head of the Ampara political division was killed along with an aid in a
 claymore mine attack near Kajuwatte, soon after they had  entered  government held areas.

On  February 07, 2005  Lt.Col  E. Kaushalyan,  LTTE's political leader in the  East,  along with three other LTTE members, were  killed in a land mine
explosion in  government-controlled area between two SL army camps near  Bowatta, Welikanda in North  Central Province. A. Chandra Nehru, a former Tamil National Alliance (TNA)  MP travelling with Kaushalyan, was injured and later died in hospital.

On July 11, 2005 two unarmed LTTE members, including Sea Tiger area leader  Dikkan, and two civilians, were killed by assailants dressed in Lankan
military fatigues at Selvanayagapuram, Trincomalee in close proximity to a  military checkpoint.

It is an open secret that these para-military groups which should have  been disarmed in terms of clause 1.8 of Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) within
D day +60days are fed, clothed and deployed by the SLA.  All such  cadres are on the regular payroll of the GOSL. They are paid the same salary and allowances as regular members of the armed forces.

We still do not know who killed the intelligence chief or the Sri Lankan  Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar. All we know is LTTE has denied any
connection to these killings.

According to a report in "The Island", a fiercely pro-Sinhala -Buddhist  newspaper, Kadirgamar's assassination was said to be a contract killing.
The weapons used by the assailants are reported to be those in use by the  SLA.  As for the tragic death of Charles Wijawardena, S.P. he was killed not by the
LTTE but by an infuriated mob reacting against the cold-blooded murder  of a hair dresser,   Jeyaseelan Santharuban (24) by trigger happy Sinhala soldiers.

All these killings, which took place in government controlled areas, are being investigated by the Sri Lankan police and we have to wait for the outcome before pronouncing a guilty verdict.

It is highly hilarious the JVP which is a racist and fascist outfit that  brutally slaughtered thousands of innocent industrialists, members of the
armed forces, public servants, professionals and relations of politicians  in the seventies and eighties is "protesting against terrorism!"   Many of the killings carried by the JVP were barbaric, bizarre, perverted and sadistic. Fathers were gunned down before their children (as was Chandrika  Kumaratunga's own husband), whole families locked up in houses and burned  alive, and people decapitated, their severed heads strung up on parapet  walls. 


 Crimes attracting a JVP's death penalty included going to work on JVP  'curfew' days; watching television, and selling or eating paruppu (dhal)
 imported from India!  Is it not the real terrorism?

During 1988-1989 JVP killed a number of prominent people among whom were  Terence Perera of the Police Counter Subversive Unit, Vijay Kumaratunga, leader of SLMP and husband of President Kumaratunga and Harsha Abeywardena, President of the UNP.

Additionally, JVP robbed around half a ton of gold, comprising of 1992 rings, 2528 earrings, 1042 chains and 294 gold coins from ordinary village folks!


Premachchandran, a trainee journalist who accompanied a senior journalist  with Colombo Thamil daily "Sudar Oli" to cover JVP's demonstration
opposite Colombo Fort Railway Station.   Premachchandran has also  complained that he was assaulted by the Sri Lankan Police.  As is the
justice system in Sri Lanka, the Sinhala Police arrested the victim  calling his a suspected Tiger and remanded him in prison under the
emergency regulations (ER) while allowing the attackers to go Scott free!

Today (August 24) he is released by a court and President and the opposition leader  have condemned the JVP for this un-provoked and cowardly attack by JVP thugs. Obviously Premachchandran was assaulted by the JVP goondas for no fault of  his other than the fact  he is a Thamil. That speaks volumes about
JVP’s democratic pretensions!

 It should be said for purposes of record that JVP is made up of murderers,  arsonists, rapists, perverts and sadists!  It is huge joke for a
 blood-thirsty outfit wedded to Sinhala racism in its purest form to  parade itself as a Marxist party displaying portraits of Marx and Lenin!

 Marxists consider religion as the opium of the people, but the JVP  worship the Mahanayakas of Malwatte and Asgiriya chapters and receive ‘holy’

 An authentic and principled Marxist party will fight on the side of oppressed  people, a theoretical position clearly and precisely stated by Lenin. He
 states: "Self-determination of nation in the Marxist programme cannot,  from a historico-economic point of view, have any other meaning than
 political self-determination, state independence, and formation of a  nation state. (Lenin - The Right of Nations to Self-Determination)

 Lenin advanced the freedom of an oppressed nation to secede as a universal  socialist principle of workers' democracy. He stated that the struggle of
 an oppressed nation to secede as a revolutionary mass action and a  necessary part of the proletarian attack on bourgeoisie.

The vast majority of Thamils are poor farmers and fishermen leading a hand to mouth living.  The JVP, instead of championing the revolutionary democratic struggle of the  Thamil workers and peasants against an oppressive Sinhala racist state has  emerged as an ardent and vociferous champion of Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony over Thamils. 

It is true that for a brief period the JVP postured as a radical democratic party and advanced the slogan of "self determination for the national minorities." But it has never seriously championed the rights of the Thamil and Muslim minorities and at every crucial  turn has revealed the entrenched Sinhala racism that lies at the core of its political philosophy.

It is time for mainstream Canadians to see the JVP in its true colours, that is, a Sinhala racist and fascist out-fit masquerading as a pseudo-Marxist party.  It is this sheep in wolf's clothing that has called for the demonstration on August 27th at down town.

Today the JVP opposes every action/step taken to resolve the national  conflict peacefully and justly. It beats the drums of war and has rejected Norwegian facilitation. It has burnt Norwegian and US flags on a regular basis. It opposes the following that have received the  backing of the international community, including Canada, Norway,  European Union, Japan, USA, Australia and India -

 1)      The CFA signed between the GOSL and the LTTE with Norwegian  facilitation. It will be obvious to even to an imbecile that the
 abrogation of CFA, a political demand by JVP, will mean back to the destructive war.

 2)      Direct talks between the GOSL and the LTTE.

 3)      Norwegian facilitation between GOSL and LTTE. JVP has vowed to  expel Norway from Sri Lanka.

 4)      The P-TOMS which is a simple administrative structure to channel humanitarian foreign aid worth 3 billion to the tsunami victims of Northeast. These
 people who suffered the fury of mother nature have now been hit by JVP  made tsunami!

 5)      The Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) that will set-up an  interim administrative structure in the war ravaged northeast to undertake
 rehabilitation and reconstruction work pending a final settlement.

 6)      Devolution of power to the Northeast under a federal form of  government, probably based on Canadian model.  Canada is actively engaged
 in selling the concepts of federalism to both Thamils and Sinhalese.

 The JVP being totally blinded by racism sees the liberation struggle waged  by the Thamil people and spearheaded by the Liberation Tigers of Thamil
 Eelam (LTTE) as terrorism per se. Like the Palestinian people, the Ache  people, the East Timorians, Eritreans etc.  fighting for freedom from
 oppressive regimes and basic human rights and is not terrorism. It is the  denial of such freedom that constitutes terrorism.

 We are hopeful that the majority of Sinhalese, including those who fled JVP  terror in the seventies and eighties and made Canada their new home, will
 not fall prey to JVP’s sanctimonious humbugging!

 They can see for themselves the working of the Canadian federal system  which keeps the various diverse ethnic communities together as a single
 Nation enjoying peace and prosperity. Today, Canada remains a model state  for any multi-racial, multi-faith, multi-lingual and multi-cultural

 We call upon Sinhalese Canadians to join Thamil Canadians to seek a  peaceful and just settlement to the national conflict that has claimed the
 lives of over 75, 000 and caused misery, destruction and economic  stagnation. They should reject the call for demonstration by the JVP,
 since such provocative and uncalled for demonstration in Toronto is  bound to open old wounds inflicted on the Thamils by Sinhala racist
 and fascist forces in the past.




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August 15, 2005


Press Release

Assassination of Lakshman Kadirgamar

We join countries like Canada, US, India, Japan, high ranking diplomats and other dignitaries in condemning the assassination of Lakshman Kadirgamar by an un-identified sniper (s) last Friday.  Kadirgamar’s assassination has been variously described as a ‘heinous crime’  ‘senseless and vicious act of violence’ etc. We agree and express our shock and grief over his untimely death.

It is widely claimed that the demise of Kadirgamar, a great patriot, an icon of a united Sri Lanka and a true national leader, is a set-back for the fragile peace processes. We disagree with such perception since Kadirgamar both by his words and actions acted against a peaceful resolution of the National conflict.  When ever there is a sign of sympathy for the Tamil cause in foreign countries, Kadirgamar always condemned it ‘as a clear interference in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.’  He had also constantly accused the Norwegian Government both as Foreign Minister and later as Presidential Advisor “that they are no longer visibly impartial in the peace process, and that they do their job or get out of the country.”

We belief Kadirgamar’s death is the result of GOSL‘s lack of sincerity and commitment in implementing key provisions of the ceasefire agreement. Notably clause 1.8 that required GOSL to disarm armed groups in the Northeast within 60 days of signing the CFA.  After President Chandrika grabbed 3 key Ministries in December, 2003 from the UNF government under the false pretext of an imminent threat to national security in the Northeast, the President willfully orphaned the CFA!

The late Kadirgamar’s entry into politics was an accident; being a lawyer by profession he lent his brain to the best bidder. The SLFP which has a long history of creating and foisting synthetic Thamil leaders on the Thamil people thought Kadirgamar a good candidate for the role.  In the seventies Chelliah Kumarasooriyar, a non-elected person like Kadirgamar, was brought from obscurity by Srimavo Bandaranaike and made a Minister with much fanfare.  It is the policy of both the SLFP/UNP to reward Thamils who are willing to play the role of Quislings with office of Ministers! Kadirgamar is just one of them. 

What ever it may be, one has to acknowledge that as Foreign Minister Kadirgamar out performed Dr. Joseph Gobbles, Minister for Propaganda under Hitler and served his masters well and truly!   He often claimed “some sections of the Thamil Diaspora raised funds for the LTTE from trafficking in narcotics and human smuggling....” a lie and an insult to the law-enforcement agencies of foreign countries!

Although, Kadirgamar is a de-nationalized Thamil (the Buddhist funeral rites and absence of any mourning in the Northeast bore ample testimony) who did not speak his mother tongue, yet President Chandrika exploited his name to cloak her racist face internationally.  Therefore, we fully understand the outpourings of grief and tears for Kadirgamar by Sinhala chauvinistic forces.  But these same forces opposed tooth and nail when his name was touted for the post of Prime Minister.  Though Kadirgamar was a Thamil only in name, yet his candidature was anathema to the hard-lined Buddhist Bhikkus and others. The office of Prime Minister has remained an exclusive birth right of Buddhist Sinhalese only.

In his funeral oration Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa claimed that “Ours is a country where different communities, living in different areas, speaking different languages and following different religions, share a common heritage and a common way of relating to the world” but  the reality  belie such grandiose  claims. Thousands of Thamils have been massacred by the Sinhala army for no other reason than  they were Thamils!  Why Rajapaksa did not stand down in favour of Kadirgamar and why he staked his own claim for the office of Prime Minister? 

Kadirgamar was a hawk in President Chandrika’s cabinet. He was like the proverbial Minister who gave match-box to the Queen who torched homes! Like new converts, Kadirgamar laboured hard to portray himself as more nationalist than Sinhalese! He acted as the cheer leader of President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s ill-fated Jeyasikuru military campaign cynically termed “War for Peace. This military campaign claimed the lives of thousands of innocent Thamils and brought nothing but tears, misery and destruction.  A total stranger to Sri Lankan politics, Kadirgamar never understood the political aspirations of the Thamil people. He never accepted LTTE as the vanguard force of liberation.  To him LTTE was a ‘terrorist’ and ‘fascist’ organization bent on dividing Sri Lanka. Thus, his propensity for self-delusion was indeed amazing! Not surprisingly the Thamils called him a ‘traitor’ and he knew it while alive!

Kadirgamar as Foreign Minister displayed outright arrogance and behaved like a tin-pot Hitler. He did not think of himself as a Foreign Minister of a debt ridden banana republic, but always thought he was a foreign minister of a mini-super power! His penchant for ridiculing and insulting foreign NGOs and UN Agencies became legendry.  As Foreign Minister Kadirgamar had the temerity to declare at the General Assembly that international agencies like UNO and ICRC had no mandate to make comments about human rights violations. Here is the relevant quote- 

“The state-run Daily News today quoted Kadirgamar saying that the UN had no mandate to make these comments. ``Who are they to be concerned about this? They should be concerned about malaria and mosquitoes,'' Kadirgamar told the newspaper in New York, where he is attending the UNGA session.” (Indian Express – September 27/99)

The funeral orations of President Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa show lack of historical memory and victims of their own lies.  Last month the donor countries viz the US, European Union, Japan and Norway, the Co-Chairs of Sri Lanka’s donor community, describing themselves as Co-Chairs of the Peace Process, in an uncharacteristically blunt statement asked “the Sri Lankan government, in accordance with the Ceasefire Agreement, must ensure that all paramilitary groups are disarmed and prevented from any activity that might lead to acts of violence. The government must also guarantee the security of unarmed LTTE cadres in government controlled areas….,”

But President Chandrika dismissed the call outright by claiming that there are no armed groups operating with the army in the Northeast!  Only the deaf, the dumb and the blind would believe her.  President Chandrika’s own Peace Secretariat Head, Jayantha Dhanapala contradicted her statement by confessing to the existence of Karuna group. He said “Karuna group does not qualify as a paramilitary group because they were not there prior to the Ceasefire Agreement.” goto TopHe was responding to the statement by the LTTE which warned that the country would face another war unless the government stopped providing logistics support to five paramilitary groups allowing the armed forces to sustain a shadow war against the Tigers.

It is irrational and futile to demonize the legitimate struggle of the Thamil people as terrorism. The International community should not fall a victim to this type of Gobbelsian propaganda!  Thamils are exactly in the same position as the people of Palestine asking the occupying Israeli army to vacate their homeland.   

Currently, the southern polity is divided and is heading into political quagmire.  We are skeptical both about the ability and stability of the Sri Lankan government to negotiate a federal form of government in an un-dived Sri Lanka.  There are no signs that this is the case. Unless the GOSL saves the CFA from collapsing, there will be more bloodshed. As for Thamils their hopes for normalcy and  freedom have become a distant dream!  






March 21, 2005


Press Release 

Gun Battle in Theevuchenai - The Cat Is Now Out Of The Bag 

On February 7, 2005, LTTE Political Head for Batticaloa and Amparai districts E.Kousalyan, TNA former parliamentarian A. Chandra Nehru and four others were shot and killed by unidentified assailants at Pilaiyarady between Welikanda army camp and Punnanai. The scene of the murder was in territory controlled by the government and in close proximity to (a) The Minneriya army camp (b) The Welikanda army camp (c) The Punnanai army camp within the Pollonnorawa district and, (d) The Navallady army camp, and  (e) The Valaichchenai army camp within the Batticaloa district. 

Following the cowardly killings, LTTE blamed renegade Karuna’s group of having carried out the assassination in collaboration with the Sri Lankan security forces and the Military intelligence.   LTTE also conveyed through Norwegian special Envoy Mr. Eric Solheim to President Kumaratunga its concern regarding the non- implementation of Article 1.8 of the CFA in relation to disarming of paramilitary groups.  LTTE told President Kumaratunga  that the continued operation of para-military groups in government controlled areas is a clear violation of CFA.  

Sri Lankan army dismissed the accusations by the LTTE and claimed  that no Tamil para-military groups, including renegade Karuna’s cadres, operate in government controlled areas.  In a press release issued by Presidential Secretariat on February 25, 2005  President  Kumaratunga while condemning the killing of Kausalyan emphatically rejected the suggestion that there are any paramilitary forces operating in association with the Sri Lankan security forces. It was obvious that both the Army and  the President were trying to hide a whole pumpkin inside a plate of rice.  

On March 20,  Colombo based English newspaper, The Sunday Leader, exposed the presence of  Karuna's camp at Theevuchenai in the SLA-held area of the Polonnaruwa district. The paper said its reporters visited Theevuchenai, a village lying about 10 km north of the Harabarana-Valaichenai highway from Sevenapitiya.

The area around Theevuchenai is ringed by SLA camps and detachments. The closest army check point is at Mutugala, on the access road to Thivichchenei, about 3 km from the village. The camp was led by Karuna loyalist "Mangalan Master" according to the paper.

The newspaper also carried photographs of  road-block sentry points and   bunkers manned by renegade Karuna’s cadres.  Though military personnel denied knowledge about the existence of Karuna's group in the area, Sunday Leader’s photographer Weerasinghe managed to photograph an armed teenager who was hiding in a bunker.

Despite the overwhelming documentary evidence,  Sri Lanka military spokesman Brigadier Daya Ratnayake told BBC Sadeshaya that "I have to stress again that there is no camp belonging to any group in government territory” and accused  the Tamil Tigers of “hatching a plot to bring the government and the security services into disrepute."

Now comes the news that three paramilitary cadres of the Karuna Group were wounded in a predawn attack by  unidentified gunmen Monday in Theevuchenai - the very same village identified by the Sunday Leader. This  news  makes mockery of government repeated claim that there are no Karuna group military camps in government controlled areas.  

The Karuna Group cadres admitted to Polannaruwa base Hospital gave their names to the medical  authorities as  Aiyathurai Satheesh, Sinnamuttu,  Ravindrarajah and  Kandasamy Deveraj.

An SLA officer in Polannaruwa said ‘Mangalam Master’,  believed to be the person who led the attack on Kausalyan and his comrades, sustained only minor injuries in the attack. But medical sources in Polannaruwa said his injuries were serious.

The Sri Lankan government’s political machinations and subterfuges now stand exposed.  It was obvious that the Sri Lankan army spokesman and President Kumaratunga have been  lying  through both the corners of their mouth.  Now they have been caught pants down without even a fig-leaf to hide their innocence!

The  duplicity practiced by the Sri Lankan government has rendered the CFA a dead letter. CFA or not, the government is relentlessly pursuing its proxy war against the LTTE without any let up.  Now that the cat is out of the bag, how long  does the international community wishes the LTTE to stick to the CFA in the face of such flagrant  treachery  by the Sri Lankan government?



Contact: Tel.      (416) 281 1165  (416) 335 9462 (905) 949 0824

                Fax        (416) 261 6745











December 14,  2004


Ms Jo Becker

Advocacy Director in the Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch



LTTE Recruitment and Use of Children


Dear Ms. Jo Becker,


Let me first thank you and the HRW for voicing support  for human rights around the globe. I appreciate your  humanitarian service.

In your latest report you have taken to task the US government that “It’s time for the United States to come clean about crimes committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The United States has to get serious about prosecuting people implicated in prisoner deaths and mistreatment.”


The US government is the worst offender of human rights  and democratic norms.  The invasion of Iraq by US  after short-circuiting the UNO  is both illegal and immoral.   US occupation forces have carpet bombed Iraq cities with impunity and thousands have been killed.


I don’t know your overall stand on this illegal war and the killing of Iraqi civilians under the façade of promoting democracy, but you ought to devote all your energies to this single  criminal act  of  US President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair.


I was not present at the meeting you held last Sunday (December 12, 2004) at the Scarborough Civic Centre as I was out of town.  But from the reports  I have read and heard first hand I think you did not do your home work well.  What is worse your report on LTTE child recruitment was full of fabrication,  hearsay and  one-sided.  Your aim seems to be to   magnify and exaggerate your report many times over just to slander and discredit  the LTTE rather than to uphold the rights of ‘child soldiers.’  When you indulge in such reckless reporting   you lose   credibility even where you may have a  valid point or two.  


There is   suspicion that you embarked on this  wild-goose chase in Toronto  at the bidding  of confirmed anti-LTTE elements, some of whom were also present at the said meeting.


You yourself has  confessed that recruitment of children under the age of 18 is taking place in 60 or more countries that includes US, UK, Sri Lanka etc. . . . If this is so should you not first ask those countries to stop recruitment of child soldiers before asking  non-state players like the LTTE to cease recruitment? But your thinking appears to be that it is easy to arms-twist LTTE  compared to powerful states.  


Your quotes from ‘terrorism expert’ Rohan Gunaratna’s book “LTTE Child Combatants,” (Jane’s Intelligence Review, July 1998) was   in bad taste.  You should know his background   before rushing to quote  him.   He is an unashamed champion of  Sinhala racism  and a confirmed LTTE baiter. To quote him  in  support  of your report is like quoting the devil to support the scripture!


You left off the hook the Sri Lankan government which is the cause of all deaths and destruction  in the Northeast.   It is the Sinhalese governments which used military force to suppress  all  democratic and   peaceful protests by the Thamils.   Had the Thamils enjoyed even a modicum of human rights under the tyrannical rule of majoritarian Sinhala government there would have been no war to begin with. The question of child soldiers also would   not have arisen.  In 1995.  President Chandrika Kumaratunga unleashed a bloody war on the Thamil people under the slogan of “War for Peace” that lasted for over two years.    It was the denial of the most basic rights of the Thamil people that forced them to take arms to defend themselves. The LTTE merely spearheaded this military campaign and  acted as  the vanguard force.


It would not be a bad idea to suggest that HRW concentrate its energies  to identify the root cause of the conflict   and take  the Sri Lankan state  to task for  using   military force to solve   political problems.  Conventional wisdom dictates that  HRW  treats  the disease and not the symptoms.


You have  said that you were  fishing for a  solitary non-partisan Thamil representative ,  but  could not find one.  It is not understood why you were looking for a non-partisan Thamil representative. The best  course of action would have been to talk on a one to one basis with  Thamil community activists and  solicit  their support. 


Your approach was wrong from ab initio and you should have learnt  lessons from your experience from  a  similar meeting you held  in  London.  The whole episode  is a  sad commentary on your competence and tactfulness.  It is time you  reflect on your failed missions and think of a  better  stratagem to tackle this emotive and controversial subject. 


Your report is replete with pretended self-pity.  For example your claim “ The deaths of numerous child combatants during the internecine fighting between the Vanni LTTE and Karuna’s faction highlights the willingness of the LTTE leadership not just to recruit children, but to use them in battle” is outlandish,  highly exaggerated and baseless accusation against the LTTE. The whole world knows that only a handful of cadres got killed on both sides since the fighting did not last  for  more than a  few days. Karuna ran away without offering battle and he himself has said that he did not fight because he did not want a fratricidal war!


The unkindest cut in your report was your call to the Thamil Diaspora to “Consider the appropriateness of channeling economic assistance through agencies, such as the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, that are linked to the LTTE.”  I wonder whether you have given sufficient thought to this profoundly appalling  suggestion that borders on sadism! Your falsified logic  shows your utter contempt and insensitiveness to the very survival  of these children  who subsist on  TRO support.  If your suggestion is implemented these children will face starvation making  your  remedy worse than the disease!


I wish to tell you that if not for the financial support  by the Thamil Diaspora  via the TRO towards the care of these children, they would not have survived the bloody war!


The  Tamil people have been  subjected to  unprecedented oppression,  military operations, innumerable displacements, arbitrary arrests, unlawful detention, torture, mass massacre  etc. Currently thousands of  families and children are living in  refugee camps and welfare centres in government controlled areas.  These children and their parents are unable to re-settle in their homes because the armed forces have not vacated them  in violation of the  ceasefire agreement.  The HRW had turned a blind eye to the  miseries of these poor and hapless Thamils.


Finally I suggest you  to talk to the  LTTE  which has  signed an agreement  with the UNICEF to rehabilitate  existing ‘child soldiers’ and turn over under-aged children to  special centres.


Yours truly,













November 30, 2004

The editor
The Hindu

Dear Sir,


Your ranting  and raving (LTTE’s brinkmanship – Hindu editorial –November 30, 2004) against the LTTE is nothing new. It is the usual stuff  which has  become very stale.

In more than one way you are like the ostrich which thinks the whole world is dark because it has buried its head inside the sand. Your claim that LTTE has been weakened because of the defection of Karuna is just fanciful. This man you thought will trounce the LTTE bolted from the battle field as soon as operations against him commenced and ever since he is in hiding!

You have blamed the LTTE for the stalling of the peace talks, where as it is President Chandrika and her ally the JVP that have to be blamed for the non-resumption of peace talks.

You seem to suffer from selective amnesia when you sweep under the carpet Chandrika’s opposition to the ISGA proposals and her taking over 3 important portfolios, including defence, which paralysed  

Mr.Wickremesinghe’s government. The UNF government did say that although ISDA contains proposals that go beyond Oslo declaration that it is prepared to commence talks.

It is the ISGA proposals that precipitated the dissolution proposals on the excuse it threatened the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the island.

The ISGA does not envisage a separate state. The proposals envisage a measure of autonomy to the Northeast. The LTTE has said if there are any objectionable elements in the ISGA it could be discussed at the table.

You failed, or you feign ignorance, that the real reason for the non-resumption of talks is  JVP’s opposition to the ISGA. The JVP has publicly declared that it will leave the government if President Chandrika decides to hold talks with the LTTE on the basis of ISGA proposals.

You seem to be more Sinhala than the UNP stalwart and former Minister Rajitha Senarathne. Here is what he told the BBC Sinhala service-

“UNP stalwart Rajitha Senarathne said the president's constant change of decisions in regard to LTTE's proposal is beneficial to Tamil Tigers' supremo Velupiilai Prabhakaran to justify the resumption of war.

The former minister told BBC Sandeshaya on Sunday that the United Peoples' Freedom Alliance (UPFA) along with coalition partner Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), is creating an ideal atmosphere to LTTE to start the civil war again.

"President's lack of consistency, and the recent violent incidents in places like Mannar, Vavuniya and Trincomalee are good excuses to Prabhakaran to start the war and justify it in front of international community” he said.

In terms of right to self-determination, he said, the UNP has in principal agreed to devolve the power to the North East under a federal structure.

"President also says she agrees to a federal solution. What we don't understand is why she can't start talks based upon LTTE proposals, which calls for even a less-powerful devolution," Senarathne said.
He has urged the government to commence talks with the LTTE immediately."

You also seem to be more Sinhala than Minister DEW Gunasekara of the UPFA! Here is what he told the BBC Sinhala Service:

‘LTTE leader Veluppillai Prabhakaran has sent a positive message regarding the peace talks in his Heroes' day speech, a senior member of the ruling coalition said.
Responding for the first time on Saturday's annual speech by the LTTE leader, a senior minister of the United Peoples' Freedom Alliance (UPFA) government said that it regards the speech as a constructive message towards resumption of negotiations.

"It is not a war cry as many would interpret," Minister for Constitutional Reforms DEW Gunasekara told BBC Sandeshaya. (emphasis mine)
On the warning that the Tigers would have "no alternative other than to advance the freedom struggle" if the government ignores the urgent appeal to recommence talks based on the Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA) Minister Gunasekara said "an organisation which has agreed to negotiate after fighting for nearly two decades obviously has to warn of war if negotiations fail."
He was of the view that the LTTE has shown flexibility. The government would also be ready to respond accordingly, he said.

Not stating a position on the core demands of Tamils' homeland and the self-determination, as requested by the LTTE leader on Saturday minister Gunasekara said all major political parties in the South have accepted federal solution to the national question.

"This is a historic occasion. Never in the last fifty years since the independence has there been a consensus among the government and the opposition on this."

No one in his right mind will failed to see the bias and prejudice in your one-sided editorial arising out of your pathological hatred of Thamil nationalism.

Although  you wrote an editorial  justifying  the arrest of Jayendrar  based on police evidence, it did not  prevent you from rushing to receive the Junior Vijayendra Saraswathi r who was coming from Mehboobnagar  and tale him to Kanchi Mutt in your  our own car!. This despite your membership in the Communist Party (ML) of India! Perhaps you are  Dr.Jekyll during the day and Dr.Hide during the night! 



Yours truly,







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October 14, 2003


The Right Hon. Jean Chrétien, P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON, KIA OK2

 The arrest and indefinite detention of Hassan Admrei

 Dear Hon. Prime Minister,

 The news item which appeared in the Toronto Star  (October 4, 2003) captioned “Toronto terror suspect on hunger strike- Hassan Admrei held in solitary confinement for two years – Nobody beats me, but they torture me by cold” is very disturbing and worrisome.  

This news is a national disgrace to Canada, which never ceases to lecturer third world countries about the virtues of democracy, rule of law and due process of law.  The national security certificate process under 40.1 of the Immigration Act fails to provide a fair and meaningful opportunity for a person to know the case against him/her and to put up a reasonable defence.

Hassan Admrei’s arrest and indefinite detention highlights the serious human rights abuses inherent in the security certificate process.  

The national security certificate issued by the Minister and Solicitor General also makes nonsense of the legal dictum that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. A person cannot simply be detained or ordered out of the country based upon mere suspicion. It must be done on much more valid and legal grounds.  

The CSIS is in the habit of issuing such certificates periodically to justify its payroll, which must be pretty fat for a country like Canada.  

It is both unjust and unfair to keep a person indefinite in solitary confinement without meaningful access to a court, even if the court is a Kangaroo court or a Star Chamber of medieval England.       

It also rings hollow in the context of Canada’s foreign Minister’s angry and vehement protest at the arrest and torture of Canadian citizen William Sampson by Saudi Arabia.  The latter might very well tick off Canada by saying  “physician heal thyself” first! 

We urge the Prime Minister to set Hassan Admrei free or bring him to trial even before a Kangaroo court as early as possible. 

It is also appropriate to remind the Hon. Prime Minister that the then Liberal party immigration critic savagely criticised the amendment of section 19.1 of the Immigration Act while sitting in the opposition bench.



Yours truly,


V. Thangavelu

Cc: To all Hon. Ministers, MPs and Media

Inquiries: Tel. (416) 281 1165; (416) 281 5846; (416) 447 6314